This year we kicked off the 2024 show season off with a new show in Greenville, SC, Terminal Takeover. This by far was a fun one, where else can you go to a truck show on the tarmac of the local airport. For a first year show, the turnout was pretty awesome with about 100 or so registered vehicles in the show field ranging from mini trucks, lifted trucks, classics and domestics. And you know no show isn’t complete without some club/show games like an inflatable sumo wrestling and a Zebra cake eating contest. We look forward to seeing this show grow in the future and hope to see even more cars and trucks out there at the next one! And you can bet we’re going to be there on the field, bringing more show coverage.

Here are some of our favorites from the show, and as always find more coverage linked below on our Flickr page, or on our Facebook page.