One Bad Crew
2003 Chevrolet S-10 Crewcab
Owner: Wray Stainback
Photos/Article by: Paul Snyder

There’s a time that everyone in the scene can look back at when they were younger when they went to their first car show or read their favorite magazine, and that dream of one day having their own show vehicle. That story is no different for Wray, who like many of us, grew up reading Mini Truckin’ Magazine. Following so many builds over the years, one stood out to lead the way for Wrays project, Aaron Kittrell’s crew cab.

Like so many in the custom truck scene, the S-10 was platform for many truck builds. The typical S-10 build wasn’t going to cut it though, Wray wanted something different, enter his crew cab build. Now a crew cab S-10 isn’t one you see many of at shows, but it is the perfect truck when you want to bring your whole family to a show. With the help and the push from friends, like Brent Teague and his fiancé Ashley, the build started. One thing that he wanted to show with One Bad Crew was that you don’t need a big shop or fancy equipment to build your dream truck. With the help of good friends, patience, determination, you can build your dream truck in your own back yard.

The initial build took about two and a half years to get to where it is today, but there is still far more planned for its next step in the future. The truck was cut and stock floor body dropped three inches on a frame built by Wray. A KP-Components 6-Link was fitted in the rear along with custom built upper and lower control arms by Thor Bros, and a Little Shop no-toe kit for the steering. It didn’t stop there though, soon the brakes converted to C6 Corvette Wilwood brakes and switched to a hydroboost setup. Finishing it off is a set of 20” Bonspeed Sweep billet wheels.

Before long the truck was on its way to the body modification process, shaving the door handles, taillights and molding the roll pan. Next, molded into the lower portion of the tailgate was a set of flush mount taillights by AVS. After all of that was completed, the truck was off to Bobby Brooke to finish the body work and get the truck ready for its new color, Synergy Green. To break up some of the green, the sheet metal bed was finished off with a tan spray-in Raptor liner.

When it came time to start finishing everything off and move on to interior work, it was handed off to Josh Ridlehoover to do the upholstery work. Josh modified the stock seats and door panels and wrapped them in a tan diamond waterfall pattern. Bobby also came in, smoothed and color matched all the plastic pieces in the doors and the dash. The dash is topped off with a custom iPad molded in, powering the Skar Audio and Kicker system. And what interior is not complete without some billet accents, matching Bonspeed steering wheel, passenger grab bar and a billet defrost vent.

No build is complete without the support from family and friends, like the love and support from Ashley and his daughter Madalin; and the kick in the ass from his friend Brent Teague to build another truck. And with the help from Josh Ridlehoover and Bobby Brooke, they all helped to build and. finish off the truck to what we see on the show fields today. Wray says to stay tuned for some new upgrades and changes coming soon, when it’ll be going back under the knife for a new LS swap along with some other changes.


The Specs:

2003 Chevrolet S-10

4.3L V6 

– Stock floor body dropped

– C6 Corvette Wilwood 4 Piston Brakes Front/Rear
– 3-3/4″ Body drop
– Belltech drop spindles
– KP Components 6 Link
– Airlift 2500 (front)/2600 (rear) bags
– Thor Bro Upper/Lower Control Arms
– Little Shop Mfg. No Toe Kit

– Bonspeed Sweep
– Front: 20×8.5    245/35ZR20
– Rear: 20×10    275/30ZR20

– Synergy Green 
– Stock floor body drop
– 2.5″ Cowl hood
– Street Scene Valance
– Shaved door handles, gas door, tail lights, antenna
Paint/body work by Bobby Brooke

– Smoothed/shaved dashboard
– Bonspeed Sweep steering wheel
– Skar Audio speakers
– Kicker Audio Amp
– iPad dash insert
– Billet accent pieces
Upholstery by Josh Ridlehoover and Bobby Brooke (painted pieces)